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Assess and Respond

From Zero to Trust in
15 MinutesTM predicts, prevents, and ensures that you can respond in real time to any threat or indication of a security incident.

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How we empower action

Real-time Incident Response

Behavior Tracking

  • Assess user behavior continuously
  • Prevent unwanted access with fine-grained controls without violating personal privacy
  • Provide user-based predictive security controls
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Deep Forensics

  • Achieve deep analysis with session recordings
  • Record violations in user sessions for smart forensics
  • Detect any abnormal activity within user sessions
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Real-time Protection

  • Trigger security protocols in case of behavioral anomalies
  • Perform security policy updates in near real time
  • Protect your resources with an up-to-date security posture
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From Zero to Trust in 15 Minutes™

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