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Secure and Control

From Zero to Trust in
15 MinutesTM

Achieve full control over what users can do on your applications and servers, without compromising productivity.

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How we secure

Comprehensive Control over Applications and Servers

Access Control

  • Integrate easily with existing identity provider solutions and single sign-on solutions
  • Use simple browser-based access to applications and servers
  • Define access policies based on user location, role, IP address, and time of day
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Comprehensive Defense

  • Safeguard all systems with an air gap between users and applications and servers
  • Protect your applications and servers from abnormal behavior
  • Protect applications from device vulnerabilities
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Sensitive Data Protection

  • Provide content protection with fine-grained policy controls
  • Inspect downloads and uploads for exfiltration and infiltration protection
  • Match content to predefined categories or custom patterns to prevent data leaks
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From Zero to Trust in 15 Minutes™

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