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With Sonet.io you can extend the capabilities of Okta and do the following: 

  • Use Okta to authenticate access to any SaaS app, private web app, desktop apps and server thereby creating one universal login for all tools.
  • Apply zero-trust security, privileged access management and data-loss prevention policies to all corporate apps 
  • Create a secure air-gap between the user and corporate applications
  • Understand user activity with full observability across corporate apps, including screen recordings, logs and analytics
  • Rapidly onboard and offboard users with no need to ship devices, use VDI, DaaS or agents.  

Use Okta to Access Desktop Apps and Servers 

Sonet.io integrates with Okta, allowing you to use Okta dashboard to access desktop apps and servers as well as all web applications. Sonet.io protects all SaaS applications, desktop applications, servers and the sensitive data contained in them, and provides full visibility into user activity. As Okta is accessed through Sonet.io users can access web apps, desktop apps and servers using Okta credentials as a universal login for all types of apps extending privileged access management to all tools. IT effort to roll out desktop apps is significantly reduced. Desktop apps can be deployed once and are then accessible to any number of users on any device through a browser. There’s no need to ship devices, use VDI or to deploy and patch hundreds of machines. 

Apply Security and Visibility to Applications Accessed through Okta 

Data-Loss Prevention: Applying data-loss prevention strategies can help ensure that the organization's corporate data and IP is protected, even if a threat actor gains access to corporate applications. By applying content inspection policies, real-time alerts and notifications and blocking risky actions in real-time, organizations can prevent users from taking actions that lead to data loss. 

Once users have authenticated through Okta and are accessing applications, data-loss prevention policies can be applied to prevent users erroneously creating a data-breach. Admins can easily create policies through the no-code policy editor and apply them to user groups, preventing things like sensitive data downloads, copy/paste or restricting code from being copied. Behavior anomaly detection can also be applied, extending Okta’s behavior based protection past authentication to in-app behavior. 

Endpoint Attack Insulation: Sonet.io creates an air-gap between applications and endpoints, providing an additional layer of protection against compromised devices. This means IT is better able to leverage BYOD strategies as users can use any device, while the organization has protection against untrusted devices. 

Visibility: Sonet.io provides full visibility into what actions users are taking when interacting with corporate apps and data. IT can view user, application and server metrics in a comprehensive dashboard and get up to the minute visibility into policy violations. Full length session recordings can be leveraged for audit, training and forensics, and observability logs can be integrated into SIEM and data warehouse tools. 

Prevent Session Hijacking with a Secure Air Gap 

Session hijacking threats pose a significant cybersecurity risk by enabling unauthorized access to a user's active session on a digital platform or application. These threats typically involve attackers intercepting or stealing session identifiers, such as cookies or tokens, to impersonate a legitimate user and gain unauthorized access to their accounts. Session hijacking can occur through various means, including man-in-the-middle attacks, session fixation, and session prediction. Once attackers gain control over a session, they can perform malicious actions, such as unauthorized transactions, data theft, or manipulation of user settings, potentially causing significant harm to individuals and organizations. 

Session hijacking relies on session IDs being created as the connection is established. Sonet.io air-gaps the Okta token by running the Okta dashboard in the secure Sonet.io cloud and rendering to any browser, on any device. Because there is nothing running on the local machine or in the browser, meaning session IDs, cookies and tokens are no longer available for threat actors to use. As Sonet.io creates a secure air gap between the device and the Okta dashboard, any compromised devices will not pose a threat to applications and data. 

By using Sonet.io and Okta together, organizations can create a complete remote work solution that incorporates secure access management, data-loss prevention, user-behavior based protection and full observability. Leveraging a universal login for SaaS apps, private web apps, desktop apps and servers users have streamlined access to everything they need in one dashboard. IT can rapidly onboard and offboard users and streamline the rollout of legacy apps as well.