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Provide simple, powerful security for enterprises of all sizes to bring trust to remote work.

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Provide simple, powerful security for enterprises of all sizes to empower their remote workforce.

Simplify Security, Accelerate Business™

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Founded by former Symantec executives, was created to solve the challenges of today's “workforce anywhere”. empowers your distributed workforce with security that simply works, in minutes. allows you to control access, continuously assess risk to protect data and applications with zero agents so your business moves faster.

Our Story

Meet the Founders

Dharmendra Mohan
CEO & co-founder

DM has over 20 years building successful cyber security solutions. He has launched global cybersecurity services in public clouds and scaled them to global deployments. In the past, he has held leadership roles at Blue Coat building the company from a startup to a market leader in network security. Recently he held leadership positions at Symantec and holds cybersecurity patents.

Venu Banda
CTO & co-founder

Venu has over 20 years of experience in leading architecture solutions in cybersecurity, finance, supply chain management, and asset management. He has held technical leadership roles, architecting cyber security cloud solutions at Blue Coat and Symantec in public cloud, scaling them to handle billions of transactions. Venu holds a PhD degree from University of Michigan.

Shahrukh Noor
Head of sales

Shahrukh is a cybersecurity GTM leader with 14 years of experience in global sales at startups and large enterprises. Prior to, he has held various leadership and sales roles at Okta, Security Compass, Synopsys, and Texas Instruments. His experience enables him to efficiently build and scale GTM programs globally. Shahrukh received his Electrical Engineering degree from the The University of Texas at Austin.

Our Investors