Feature Details

Application and Server Support

SaaS Applications

Support any SaaS application with all available policies. Secure SaaS applications without any agents, proxies, or application-side deployments.

Web Applications

Support any web application that can be hosted on premise or in the public cloud such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

Browser-based SSH

Highly secure, browser-based access to servers using SSH protocol. No key management needed on user devices. Access control polices can be applied to SSH access.

Browser-based VNC

Highly secure, browser-based access to servers using VNC protocol. Integrated authentication for VNC. Access control policies can be applied to VNC access.

Browser-based RDP

Highly secure, browser-based access to servers using RDP protocol. Integrated authentication for RDP. Access control policies can be applied to RDP access.

Custom Application and Server Logo

Administrators can choose any logo to be displayed in the Sonet.io portal for their applications and servers. This is particularly important for internal applications where custom logos are needed.

Customer Sonet.io Portal

Dedicated Customer Portal with Custom URL

Users access their applications and servers through a dedicated Sonet.io portal. Customers can request a specific URL for their portal in the form of <custom_name>. sonet.io.

Browser Access

Browser-based access to applications and servers with no restriction on which browser users can use to access the Sonet.io portal. This provides flexibility for the users to use their preferred browser while providing the same level of security regardless of browser or device.

Portal Customization

Customers can customize their Sonet.io portal with org name and logo.

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated service IP address is provided per customer. This IP address is not shared with any other customer and makes any required firewall configurations very secure.

User Management and Authentication

Single Sign On

Single sign on to all applications assigned to a user through the Sonet.io portal. The portal provides a single click access to allowed enterprise applications and servers to users.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication for user login to the portal provides high level of security ensuring the right user identity before getting access to any application or server.

IdP Integration

Integrates with IdPs such as Okta and Google Auth, so that customers can leverage their existing IdP for authentication and SSO.

Portal Access Control

This features allows administrators to control access to the portal based on criteria such as geolocation, time of day and IP address. It can be used to provide restricted access to all applications at once by restricting users access the portal itself.

Local User/User Group Configuration

Create users and user groups in the Sonet.io administrator portal in addition to your IdP users and groups. This capability offers great flexibility to complement your existing IdP.

MFA for Servers

Multi-factor authentication for server access through SSH, RDP, VNC provides a high level of security ensuring the right user identity before getting access to any server.

Application and Server Access Policies

Application Assignment

This feature allows the administrator to assign an application or a server to a user or group of users in a single click to provide those users access to the application or server. This capability significantly simplifies access control configurations.

Application Access Policies

This feature allows administrators to create application access policies on applications to allow or deny access based on several criteria such as geolocation, IP address, and time of day.

Content Inspection

Content Inspection for File Content

Deep inspection capabilities for files to determine content type such as source code. This capability prevents exfiltration of intellectual property and confidential data.

Pattern Matching on Predefined Content Types

Provides a high level of protection for sensitive information, protecting this data from exfiltration.

Custom Pattern Matching

Content matching on custom patterns defined by the administrator in a very simple to use interface. Allows for control of downloads and uploads of any files containing the custom patterns configured by the administrator.

Download Control

Prevent downloads if file content matches predefined content, or custom pattern content. Eliminates the risk of exfiltration of sensitive and confidential data.

Upload Control

Prevent uploads if file content matches predefined content, or custom pattern content. Eliminates the risk of infiltration of PII data.

Logs and Statistics

Statistics Dashboard

A dashboard that provides complete visibility into users and applications access, logs and policy violations. The dashboard can be customized to display daily, weekly, monthly or custom range statistics.

Detailed, Exportable Logs

User activity, policy violations, configuration changes and system events are logged with detailed information on the events. Logs can be exported locally.

Customizable Notification Alerts

Notification dashboard and email alerts are customizable by the administrator allowing to receive only the notifications that matter the most based on the severity level. Reduces unwanted alerts while keeping all the rich logs available.

Full Session Recordings

Records user sessions when accessing enterprise applications or servers highlighting policy violations in the recordings. This feature can be disabled if recordings are not required.

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