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Secure Enterprise Data and Applications

From Zero to Trust in
15 MinutesTM

Secure applications and data by continuously assessing user activity and usage patterns to predict, prevent, and ensure real-time response to security incidents.

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How we enable

Zero Trust Security Controls

Prevent Data Loss

Protect sensitive data with granular content inspection policies, without modifying any applications. Control who is allowed to download, upload, copy and paste confidential information and apply watermarks to deter screenshots. Easily create policies by choosing from our 150 predefined policies or create your own.

Protect Applications

Create a secure air gap between user devices and corporate applications and data. Protect from device, browser, and network attacks with Zero Trust access controls and visibility into user activity. App credentials can be stored in a secure vault and applied automatically when accessing applications.

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Apply Zero Trust Security

Deny access to applications and data in real-time based on granular controls such as geolocation and behavior anomalies. Notify IT and security teams of suspicious activity instantly and leverage recorded user sessions to investigate policy violations.

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