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Reduce IT Overhead

From Zero to Trust in
15 MinutesTM

Provide secure remote access to any app without the cost, complexity and security concerns of traditional virtual desktops or VPNs. Setup can be done in as little as one hour and elastically scale to any number of users.

How we enable

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Onboard in Seconds Without Deployments is a cloud-native solution that leverages the public cloud data centers and edge PoPs to enable remote access in any location, instantly. Apps can be assigned to user groups or users and IT can centrally manage who has access. If updates or patches are required for a desktop app, they only need to be done once, no need to update hundreds or thousands of machines. 

Elastically Scale As You Grow

Elastically scale your infrastructure to deliver applications as your number of users grows. New users can be added in seconds and contractors can start work immediately using their own devices. High performance and reliability is maintained as you scale across a global user base.

Eliminate Point Solutions

Security and visibility is built-in to every workspace so there’s no need to integrate additional point solutions or upgrade to premium editions. Out of the box integrations with SSO providers allows you to easily import groups of users and keep users in sync. 

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