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Provide Fast, Secure Remote Access

From Zero to Trust in
15 MinutesTM

Enable secure remote access to all the apps people need to do their job in seconds. Workers across the globe can securely access apps and desktops from any browser without having to deploy anything on their device or wait for devices to be shipped.

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How we enable

Instant Browser Access to Applications and Desktops

Enable Remote Work From Any Browser

Workers can use their preferred browser to securely access all SaaS apps, web apps, windows desktop apps, desktops, as well as on-prem apps and servers. There’s no need to ship devices and no deployments needed. Easily support both managed devices and bring-your-own devices.  

Create a Seamless User Experience

Provide access to SaaS apps, desktop apps and servers through a single dashboard. Integrate with SSO solutions to enable one-click access and single logout of all applications. Workers have a native user experience with all applications and desktops without needing any software on their device.

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Access Desktop Apps Through Any Browser

Enable workers to securely access any desktop app from any browser, on any device without requiring expensive deployments and maintenance of desktops applications. Less downtime and higher productivity because they have access through any device.

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