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Secure Applications, Servers & Data

From Zero to Trust in
15 MinutesTM

Secure applications, servers & data by continously assessing user activity and usage patterns to predict, prevent, and ensure real-time response to security incidents.

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How we enable

Zero-Trust Security Controls

Data Loss Prevention

  • Protect sensitive data with granular content inspection policies without modifying the applications
  • Prevent data loss by controlling who is allowed to download and upload confidential information
  • Effortlessly create policies for any industry by choosing from our 100+ predefined categories or create your own patterns with a few clicks
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Application & Server Protection

  • Create a secure air gap between user devices and enterprise applications, servers, and data
  • Access applications & servers through to protect them from device, browser, and network attacks
  • Detect potential attacks by analyzing user session recordings and user activity logs
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Zero-Trust Protection

  • Deny access to applications, servers and data in real-time based on policy violations and behavioral anomalies
  • Notify IT and Security teams of suspicious activity in real-time
  • Update and apply security policies in real-time based on context and user behavior
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Onboard Remote Users in Seconds

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