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For IT leaders, legacy SAP applications, particularly desktop apps that are required to be deployed on machines can pose a significant rollout challenge. Setting up these applications can require IT teams to install on each machine individually and then put in place a process for patching and upgrading when needed. Devices then need to be shipped to each user and tracked. With Sonet.io organizations can streamline the rollout of SAP applications, reduce ongoing maintenance, and apply applications and data security, as well as full user visibility features. 

Rollout SAP Applications in Seconds 

Sonet.io helps to streamline the rollout of SAP desktop apps and SAP web apps. There is no need to install applications on devices, which means workers can access SAP instantly just by logging into the Sonet.io browser-based workspace. For example if leveraging temporary contractors to help develop custom apps with SAP Build, access can be given instantly without the need to ship devices and then access can be revoked as soon as they have completed work. The SAP application is managed centrally, which means when it comes time to patch or upgrade, IT admins only need to do this once instead of trying to manage hundreds of different devices.

Instant Secure Access to SAP Desktop Apps and Web Apps from Any Browser or Device 

Remote workers can access any SAP application, including both desktop apps and web apps, from any browser or device. Users simply login to their Sonet.io browser-based workspace, (leveraging SSO credentials) and they can instantly access any SAP application, including legacy versions.  

Protect Sensitive Enterprise Data in SAP Applications 

Once added to the Sonet.io workspace, admins can easily add security policies to control the way users interact with the SAP application. For example, you can apply content inspection policies so that confidential information can’t be downloaded, uploaded or even copied or pasted. You can also apply watermarks to the user interface to deter screenshots being taken. 

Security policies for all SAP thick-clients and SAP web apps are centrally managed through the Sonet.io admin portal. This reduces the amount of time spent managing policies across different tools, ensures consistency in security policies and reduces the risk of certain apps not having robust security policies applied. 

Troubleshoot Issues and Enable User Training for SAP Applications 

Deep visibility features allow you to see exactly what’s happening across the remote workforce. As Sonet.io allows you to apply visibility capabilities across SAP desktop apps and SAP web apps, you can get a true 360 degree view of how users are interacting with SAP applications, as well as any other applications or servers they need to use to do their work. 

Session recordings can allow admins to replay exactly what actions a user took, and provide detailed forensics. These recordings can also be used to troubleshoot and train more effectively when workers are using SAP applications, as admins can see exactly what the user was doing and where they had trouble navigating or interacting with the application. Session recordings can also highlight any policy violations allowing admins to go directly to the point where the issue occurred and see what actions were taken. 

Real-time notifications and alerts can help you respond to incidents as they happen, instead of after the fact. Data analysis on user activity can help you determine if the applications are being used as intended, if there are training issues that need to be addressed, and proactively manage any issues with the applications instead of being reactive. 

To see a demo of Sonet.io and SAP applications, contact us here.