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Digital transformation in the enterprise has been redefined by modern low-code platforms, AI-driven automation and remote work tooling and project observability. Low-code platforms like SAP Build have dramatically reduced project implementations times to weeks moving enterprises away from tedious and risky multi-year implementations. They have enabled business operations in functions like finance, procurement and human resources to identify process challenges, innovate and solve them right there. AI-driven automation platforms like UiPath enable business transformation to become a continuous process making incremental innovation a new way of working. Remote work and project observability platforms like Sonet.io enable workers to be on-boarded/off-boarded securely in minutes, safely access permitted enterprise resources from their own devices, and monitor all project work with the highest granularity for on-the-spot risk management without needing mid-level management.

The recent economic climate has intensified the shift towards rapid innovation within enterprises as traditional modes of execution become unviable. It also enables enterprises to identify and access new talent pools. The advent of generative AI also comes at this important transition in the execution of enterprise transformation. Enterprises like Applied Materials have embraced such new approaches towards digital transformation to demonstrate the power of rapid innovation even in the prevailing macro climate. This event organized by The Hive Think Tank and SAP brings together a panel of digital transformation leaders, who are building these new rails of rapid innovation in the enterprise.

Watch the panel discussion now: